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                Hangzhou Tianxin waterproof material Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of the national large-scale enterprises (original Hangzhou linoleum factory) is based on the development of growing up,
                Zhejiang province is the first colorful glass fiber tile production and research and development enterprises. Companies adhering to the "zero defect" products, "zero dissatisfaction 'service quality policy, from 1999 in Hangzhou City, the North South elevated on both sides of the flat change slope engineering has, set research and development, production, construction, trade as a whole has in Zhejiang and the entire domestic market won the good reputation of the brand.
                Lanxi production base occupies an area of land 86 acres, annual production capacity of the company's existing range of products: colorful glass tile 500 million square meters, elastic body, plastic body, self-adhesive type pre laid, spreads wet, dry shop law modified asphalt waterproof coiled material 20 million square meters, 10 million tons of waterproof coating of environmental protection, special dry powder mortar (waterproof, thermal insulation, decoration series products) 30 million tons. In particular, with the company's independent intellectual property rights of the patent products will be put into operation, for the company to lay a solid foundation for sustainable development.
                The company is China building waterproofing Association executive director of the unit, China Silicate Association waterproof executive director of the professional committee, Zhejiang Province building waterproof Association vice president of units, China building waterproofing roofing "," the governing units, self adhesive polymer change of asphalt waterproofing membrane, pre shop / wet laying waterproof coiled material, colorful glass tile, special dry powder mortar, A-grade fireproof insulation board etc. GB Cenbian units.
                The company for the provincial science and technology enterprises, high-tech enterprises and and waterproofing of School of Suzhou China Building Materials Science Research Institute established strategic cooperative partnership, set up R & D Center for the application, through the ISO9001-2008 and ISO14001-2004 international dual certification and pay great attention to the "people-oriented, based on win-win" corporate culture construction, to good and professional corporate image and the professionalism of the integrity of the demands on themselves, to specialized production and perfect management and forge the high-quality products and quality service, and constantly for employees, as partners, customers, for the community to create the greatest value.
                We sincerely invite all around building materials, real estate developers and construction contractors sincere cooperation in the field of building waterproof, bigger, do fine, do strong, common development, create a better future.

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